Your Content Is Your Marketing Currency

Patrick Denker -Important Message

I wrote this about 5 years ago It’s still valid today.

What information do you need to give in your Marketing Currency? The key is to provide
information that answers a prospect’s key marketing questions. These eight areas cover the most important information. All of this can be communicated on a website as shown.

  1. What exactly is this service and why should I be interested?

    Home Page of a website gives and overview of your business.

  2.  Is this service for me? Will it work for me and/or my business?

    Is This Your Page. Talks about the needs and problems your clients face. This page is about your clients, not about you.

  3. What kind of results can I expect with this service?

    How We Work Page. Gives information on the results they can expect plus other
    information about how you work.

  4. Who else has used this product or service and what were their results?

    Case Studies Page. Includes several case studies or stories of successful clients
    projects or engagements.

  5. How exactly do your services work? What’s the process and structure?

    Services Page. Explains in detail how your services work. What will your services do for the client and how are they structured.

  6. Are you credible? Do you have the experience to help me?

    About Us Page. Tell about your background and experience and why you are qualified to do what you do.

  7. What do I have to do next to get and use your services?

    Contact Us Page. Explain the steps a client will take in working with you and what will happen first when they contact you.

  8. What information can I get right now from you?

    Free Stuff Page. Give away a free article or report and capture their by signing them up for your Newsletter.
    If your Marketing Information effectively answers these closer to doing business with you. If these questions are not adequately answered, they will tend to move away from doing business with you.

Use a Landing Pages to collect their Name & Address

AWE Gruop Landing Page unqiue hardressing Landing page

Your Content Is Your Marketing Currency