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As a business owner, I know how hard it is to get noticed. Selling real estate in a flat economy takes a lot of efforts. Real estate companies are pouring money into flyers and other expensive advertising trying to catch the attention of prospective buyers and sellers. How do you get found all this noise, in the marketplace? Get a website.

Our old website has been up for years, it doesn’t seem to get much traffic and when they do come, we send them to www.realestate.com.au, so they can see our listings. It seems anybody can build a website, but unless someone can find your site, its only a glorified brochure. Our site www.raywehbe.com.au was lost, with millions of other
webpages. We consulted with Rowan Shead and straight away he was able to identify the problems of the site and how busy the market is.

Rowan takes a strategic approach, applying his sound business experience with marketing concepts which integrate with Social Media Marketing. Rowan Looks at websites as part of a series of processes that have to work together and compliment the business. Instead of just building a website, he researches the keywords people search in Google, analysed the market and the competition and what they were doing. Only after the research did he create a site that’s Google friendly.

We now own multiple sites, which liked together, helping to get our message out. Our listings are starting to show on the first page of Google Rowan’s approach is very different from technicians who build websites. Rowan is first a marketer, who believes “it better to out think your competition, than outspend them.” Rowan is able to take concepts of direct response marketing and fuse them with Social Media Marketing, to get results. A rare commodity.

Your faithfully

Karim Semaan Manager
Ray Wehbe Real Estate Parramatta


Rowan Shead

What can I say about Rowan Shead?

Not much, thanks….

Just kidding.

Back in 2008 my wife and I had just commenced our own suburban Real Estate Agency.

Three months later the wheels fell off the economy as the Masters of The Universe came up empty after losing at the Casino of Greed.

The outlook for us was a little bleak. Home prices went into freefall, buyers ran for the hills.

However I could see through the doom and gloom that a new age was about to dawn and I knew that if I could jump in and embrace the ride on the developing tsunami, things would be ok.

I welcomed myself to the new ‘Save and Seek Value’ Economy – The exploding world of online business and commerce.

“Where do I start?” I wondered

I’d heard of blogs, I thought that websites were just Yellow Pages ads on steroids, social media platforms were only for telling people what you had for breakfast and dinner and landing pages were things you caught flies with.

I knew that we had to become more engaging on our own website and I asked one of the techs at the digital group who built the site for a link or tab to a blog I wanted to write. He said that I would need to outsource it and he recommended this guy he knew – Rowan Shead.

I got straight onto Rowan and by asking him a couple of what I thought were straight forward questions he then opened up a whole new world for me.

We seemed to talk for hours and each time I thought my head would explode with the knowledge he was sharing with me at the pace of a locked on AK47.

Before I knew it, we were setting up landing pages, branding myself, publishing blogs, posting on social media and business really picked up.

For a bloke who was 44 or 45 at the time, this was like undertaking a mature age Uni course, but with almost immediate and quantifiable results.

I learned so much from Rowan at the time and I am still working with him.

Since those early baby steps, I have built and successfully launched my own online real estate agency, appeared on TV and Radio, written and published scores of blogs and posts, love writing persuasive content and copy for other businesses, conduct webinars, produce short videos, and continue to expand my digital presence to assist my clients.

Without Rowan, none of this would ever have happened.

He is a master of the digital marketing space and someone I would recommend you speak to if you want to move your business to the next level.

Craig Heppell
Victor Realty Nambour QLD

You certainly made a great impact just ‘being you’…to say how much we appreciated your attendance and short talk at MTC’s All Staff meeting last Thursday.

You certainly made a great impact just ‘being you’ as I knew you would.
You’re obviously (unscripted by us and the thought-police) talk and the informal and the humorous way you delivered it went over exceptionally well after the dull and dry
topics from the previous speakers.

Everyone had great words of praise to say about you in the days following your Guest Appearance!!!
I just wanted to say a HUGE THANK YOU for taking the time to attend – and with a clean shirt too -it is always a pleasure to see you and I am delighted we have
maintained contact.

Thank you for a unique presentation -which certainly impressed the whole audience!!!
You even got questions where the CEO did not!!!
Well done

Stefan Wasinski
NEIS Business Mentor

I feel very lucky to have worked with Rowan Shead on my website creation. I am extremely happy with the results. Not only does it look great, but more importantly,
with his knowledge of marketing and the necessary Google keyword association, I will not get lost in the ever growing directory which is the internet. My site could have been quite useless without his knowledge in this area. The other huge benefit is that not only has he passed on this knowledge, but the information required in the form of a manual, so I am able to make changes to and update my website myself in future.

This to me, starting a small business is a huge bonus, so it will not cost me hundreds of dollars to change a few words at any given time in the future. I would highly
recommend Rowan for any marketing or website contracts. He really cares about getting the best for his customers. Yours sincerely

Maree Milligan

I am writing to recommend Rowan Shead and his Cashflow CopyWriting & Marketing business. As I am sure you are aware, there are plenty of companies that are in the market that can provide websites and marketing content. Of course, Rowan’s company can do this. However, there are far fewer companies out there that can put together content that actually brings business in the door. In order to do this, you have to possess the following qualities.

1. An understanding of the marketplace. Why do people buy from one website versus another? How do people find one website versus another? What content generates
internet traffic such as a blog versus using Flash which is unreadable to search engines.

2. An understanding of the workflow. Many people are moving to permission-based marketing in order to gain new clients and grow their business. You have to get people
in to your site, offer them some basic value in exchange for permission to sell to them and then grow that relationship.

3. An understanding of how to make all of this technology work. It is one thing to understand how to create a website and another thing to understand the theory behind internet selling. It is entirely different thing to be able to combine these talents into a cohesive strategy and then execute it. Rowan’s rare ability is to be able to
provide all three elements. On that basis, I would heartily endorse Rowan.

Thank you for your consideration!


Kyle Tucker President
Dexios Corporation - VA 23113 USA

Dear Rowan, We sold out FERRARI – ARCHIVE OF LOST DREAMS DVD, because of Rowan’s on-line marketing strategies. This is a huge thank you to Cashflow CopyWriting & Marketing, and to you personally, for opening up the world on-line marketing for my film company TRAC Productions. Your grasp of the on-line marketing strategies and your creation of our company website is quite brilliant! I’m an international television and radio producer, so understanding on-line selling is vital.

Within days, customers from all around the world were purchasing our first DVD program On-line since we set our new company site, tracfilms.com to offer our latest film called: FERRARI – ARCHIVE OF LOST DREAMS.

The new website has had even more compliments for its imaginative and easy to read layout and content. What really impressed through the set-up process was your
understanding of what our production company was trying to achieve, your commercial advice, your eye for detail, and crucially your patience to explain the
on-line process to a newcomer. Brilliant! I look forward now to expanding our company site with you.

With best regards

Robert Cockburn
TRAC Productions Sydney

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