45+ Online Design Tools to Create Stunning Visuals for Your Digital Content

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Oh, look another Silver Marketing Bullet.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of chasing the next so-called Silver Marketing Bullet which promises to slay dragons & puts pots of gold at your feet…

If you're like me, then you're wondering "Could this really work?"

I use to spend countless hours trying out these latest gimmicks & tricks.

Asking myself "If I try the XYZ System that will make all the difference."

So now I filter all the hype "Amazing don't miss out on this fantastic Marketing opportunities." with this.

The purpose of any and all of your marketing must be to move your prospect closer to buying…

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So will these Silver Marketing Bullets take you to the promised land (of making more sales) or are they just a myth.

Don't get flustered trying to keep with all changes happening in the marketing world.

On last count, I analysis & interpret over 137 marketing blogs every week so that you won’t get overwhelmed.

There’s a difference between knowing and applying this stuff - Concept is not the power, it's implementing these strategies.

So each week I'll share the latest Marketing Ideas, Strategies & Resources, which have the best chance of moving your prospects closer to buying…

You’ll find these marketing articles quick and easy to read…

If you'd like a hand with any of this stuff, then I'd be happy to help.

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45+ Online Design Tools to Create Stunning Visuals for Your Digital Content

45+ Online Design Tools to Create Stunning Visuals for Your Digital Content

By 2018 (that’s in less than 4 months), 84% of all marketing communication will be visual.

And there’s more than one good reason for the shift.

Visuals help businesses of any size communicate and connect with users and distinguish from competitors.

So, if you haven’t done so already, get ready to jump on the visual-band-wagon.

You don’t need to be (or hire) a designer.

You can get started (and do great things) with our selection of the best online design tools.

Checklist – How to Secure Your WordPress Website

Checklist – How to Secure Your WordPress Website

We know that you care about what you build and protecting it is incredibly important. Hacks happen, and it’s your job to reduce their likelihood to the lowest probability possible. We built this checklist of best practices to help you harden your website and protect you and your users from hacks.

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44 Top Digital Marketing Articles for 2017

 44 Top Digital Marketing Articles for 2017

Marketing managers often ask us: Where can I find information on digital marketing to share with my clients?

To facilitate the flow of information, Outbrain has assembled a list of what we consider to be the top 44 digital marketing articles for 2017. We will continue to add to this list throughout the year as relevant articles are published.

Feel free to share these articles as well as any suggestions for additions to the list.

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44 Top Digital Marketing Articles for 2017

Top 13 Books for Business Storytelling

Top 13 Books for Business Storytelling

“What are the best books on storytelling for my business?”  OR “I’m discovering how powerful storytelling can be for my business, but I want to learn more. What books should I read?” I’ve been hearing these questions more and more.  The challenge with recommending books always comes back to a question of my own, “What do you want to know about story? The science, the structure, what stories to tell, how to tell a great story, how to use them in your business, etc?”  The study and practice of story is a science, art, craft, and passion. Just like if I asked my favorite musician to recommend the best books on music, I’m sure they’d have a list of their own questions and a laundry list of books to recommend. I am approaching this list to include what I think would be a well rounded list of getting anyone up to speed and schooled up to a story pro.  This is what I would personally recommend and why — in no particular order:

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Top 13 Books for Business Storytelling

127 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Video Marketing

127 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Video Marketing

When the first video was launched back in 1994, little did we know that it would become one of the most powerful marketing tools. The impressive growth of all things digital over the last two decades brought about many innovative marketing strategies. Today, the video is a cutting-edge marketing approach and a powerful tool for creating content that is personal, relevant and leaves a memorable impression on your audience.

Visuality is the biggest strength of video marketing. Thanks to its viral nature, a video’s reach knows no boundaries. And by 2019, video will completely take over the internet.

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This Brilliant Email From Netflix Was a Master Class in Dealing With a Legal Issue

That's why I cannot help but admire an email sent by Netflix's lawyers to a Chicago pop-up bar last month. (I've posted the whole thing below.)

The bar was called The Upside Down. This was an homage to a TV series you might know: Stranger Things. The Upside Down is an alternative world, one in which we might all be currently living.

One tiny kink about the bar's name was that the owners hadn't got around to asking Netflix's permission.

Perhaps they'd simply forgotten in their enthusiasm.