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Getting More Customers  are owned and operated by Rowan Shead and offer Copywriting Services.

Rowan Shead originally set up Getting More Customers (GMC) to help small business to overcome the dramatic rise in costs and difficulty in locating, meeting and presenting to new prospects.

He’s experienced in working with small business for more than 23 years, he understands the pain, frustration and cost constrictions of running a small business because as this is where he practices every day.

In his consulting practice, Rowan continually sees small businesses struggling to find, present and make enough sales to grow their business in highly competitive markets.

Getting More Customers is a practical Company that gets results for small business and has learnt how to put all the pieces of the Internet & marketing jigsaw together and applies them to “bricks and mortar” companies.

Getting More Customers main clients are SME’s, who realise it’s getting more expensive and harder to get in front of new prospects. They’re looking at better ways to find and qualify their target market.

These businesses are looking to grow their revenues and increase their profits.

Getting More Customers client’s have had enough of the Doom and Gloom and want to get on with growing their business. These companies realise there’s plenty of opportunities about because their opposition have given up and are curled in the foetal position

Salesmen in Print

Getting More Customers believes Copywriting is Salesmen in Print

Sales letters often called “Salesmen in Print”

Speaking of writing and the alphabet Benjamin Franklin famously wrote “Give me 26 soldiers of lead and I will conquer the world”

Writing Direct Response Sales letters is designed to compel the reader to take action. These can be printed letters mailed out to prospects or could be a sales page on a website.

What are People Saying…

“Rowan is able to take concepts of direct response marketing.

As a business owner, I know how hard it is to get noticed. Selling real estate in a flat economy takes a lot of efforts. Real estate companies are pouring money into flyers and other expensive advertising . . .”

Karim Semaan
Ray Wehbe Real Estate – Parramatta
Direct Response Copywriting – Salesman in Print
​ We help you Tell Your Story , so you get the Right Message to the Right People... Damian Gadal[...]

Getting More Customers Digital Marketing Services

So if you need Copywriting Services, then talk to Rowan at Getting More Customers

They will be tailored to suit your needs because every business is different, it starts with the research.

To achieve the best results, clients are asked to complete “Create Your Ideal Customer Profile” so your marketing reaches the right people with the right message.

If you’d like me to help you do all this stuff, I’d be happy to.

Getting More Customers understand how to integrate all these services to create raving fans.

If you are serious getting more profitable customers, then you’re probably going to want to have a look Getting More Customers. We create tailor-made marketing funnels, designed for your business. To attract & convert qualified prospects into Profitable Customers, without a lot of effort, just like a production like…

So give Rowan Shead a call on +61420745357 or drop me a line [email protected], if you need a hand or would just like some more info, then give me a call.

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