Hot Restaurant Marketing Tips & Tricks

Hot Restaurant Marketing Tips & Tricks

So why Hot Restaurant Marketing Tips & Tricks?

Hey, You may not this know this about me

As a copywriter, I create & write lots of content for Clients. So over the last 21 months, I've written over 270 blog Articles on Restaurant Marketing & Restaurant Equipment for a client

I written heaps of Words

In an email, I received from Grammarly, I realised I wrote a truckload of content. In a 7 month period, I wrote over 551,655 words.

This weeks writing stats

So In 38 weeks that's a whopping 675,412 words.

So I thought I'd share some of these articles & the marketing lessons,  Tips & Tricks, because I believe these may help you with your Restaurant  Marketing.

So after speaking with my client, he was happy for me to share some of these Articles. 

So it was a no brainer, I could not go past the name Hot Restaurant Marketing Tips & Tricks, because I love Chilli.

So enjoy these Hot Restaurant Marketing Tips & Tricks

Do you know how much each customer is worth to your Restaurant?
Are you a little fuzzy on your Restaurant numbers? The answer to this question plays an important part in whether you will grow your business. I would say this one of the business concepts every business owner needs to get their heads around. I know it's a big claim. Let me explain. When you know how much every customer is worth to you, then this changes the growth dynamics of any business. This question forms the basis of Customer Lifetime Value Concept (CLV). Or as some people call it the Lifetime Customer Value (LCV)
Google warns without an SSL Certificates on your Website you’ll cop a NOT SECURE warning
Google warns Beginning in July 2018 with the release of Chrome 68, Chrome will mark all HTTP sites as “not secure”.” Now that sounds scary Google warns without an SSL Certificates on your Website you’ll cop a NOT SECURE warning. You know sometimes when mean to do something when you'll get around to it. Well, life gets in the way & stuff happens & it totally slips your mind. Google has been warning website owners we need to get our websites safe & secure since September 8, 2016 So it’s time to take action & get this done.
How To Make The Other 364 Days As Busy As Valentine’s Day In Your Restaurant
2 Busiest days of year Mother's Day & Valentine's Day for restaurants. So What are doing for the rest of the Year? I would be surprised if most Restaurants & cafes weren't busy on Valentine's day. This is golden opportunity to make hay while the suns shines. February 14 Valentine's day is the second busiest day of the year for Restaurants.
How Do You The Restaurant Directories Compare In Narrabeen?
I was checking Facebook when an ad popped up which caught my attention. Here's the ad. There are 24,641 listing views for restaurants on our site each week. True. Register your business with True Local to get in front of our 3.2 million site visits monthly. You may have seen it also So I decided I'd go through the process of seeing what they were offering. I'd have to say it was a painful experience, just to learn more