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Rowan Shead - Getting More Customers

Rowan Shead – Getting More Customers Pty Ltd (GMC)

Helping Small Businesses To Attract More Qualified Leads, Converting Them Into Profitable Customers…

Marketing Funnel Engineer & Passionate Sydney Swans Supporter

Rowan Shead originally set up Getting More Customers Pty Ltd (GMC) to help small business to overcome the dramatic rise in costs and difficulty in locating, meeting and presenting to new prospects.

He’s experienced in working with small business for more than 23 years, he understands the pain, frustration and cost constrictions of running a small business because as this is where he practices every day.

In his consulting practice, Rowan continually sees small businesses struggling to find, present and make enough sales to grow their business in highly competitive markets.

Getting More Customers is a practical Company that gets results for small business and has learnt how to put all the pieces of the Internet & marketing jigsaw together and applies them to “bricks and mortar” companies.

Cashflow Copywriting & Marketing main clients are SME’s, who realise it’s getting more expensive and harder to get in front of new prospects. They’re looking at better ways to find and qualify their target market.

These businesses are looking to grow their revenues and increase their profits.

If You Want To Get More Profitable Customers, Then You Need To Find Your Starving Crowd


...Are you speaking directly to the starving crowd’s most urgent desires or problems? Are You Sure?

Find out why most business owners get this wrong... If you're doing this in your business, then you're wasting your time & money chasing the wrong people...