Friday 5 Marketing Observations – Notre Dame Cathedral By The Numbers

Friday 5 Marketing Observations – Notre Dame Cathedral By The Numbers

Photo by Pedro Lastra on Unsplash

I was sitting watching the footing, I was jotted out my seat because I just remember I hadn’t written my Friday 5 Marketing Observations. The long weekend sneaked up on me.

This week I spent my time on the phone consulting with Clients. It’s just not about coming up with Marketing Ideas, it’s vital to walk them through these strategies & help to understand then take action & implement.

So let’s dive & I reckon I’ve found some firecrackers, which could help build your backend.

Notre Dame Cathedral By The Numbers 

Infographic: Notre Dame Cathedral By The Numbers  | Statista You will find more infographics at Statista

Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris has experienced a devastating fire which has destroyed its roof and caused its spire to collapse. Firefighters worked through the night and were able to save the 850 year-old building’s main structure and its two main towers. The cause of the fire is unclear but the Paris prosecutors’s office has said it is being investigated as an accident with renovation works already being cited as a possibility.

  • I’ve never been to France but I was stocked when I heard of Notre Dame fire… Notre Dame plays an important of the French psychic… emotional French President Emmanuel Macron vowed to rebuild the iconic cathedral…
  • Tourist love visiting Notre Dame attracting 13 million visitors every year. On average, each visitor had to wait 120 minutes before being admitted to Notre Dame… First Responders were supported by a human chain of tourist & local moving cathedral’s treasures to safety…
  • We’ve already seen Billionaires have offered significant funds to help rebuild the damaged cathedral… Last I heard there’s $1 billion already pledged, so repairs will get funded…

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Powerful Pricing For Predictable Profits

Powerful Pricing For Predictable Profits

Photo by Henry & Co. on Unsplash

Pricing is strictly a matter of value perception, which is why you can have guys like Tony Robbins charge a million dollars a year to work with him one-on-one as a personal coach – when the average life coach makes $35.00 an hour. 

It’s also why you have companies like Zappos, who refuses to compete on price, and yet, has gone on to become a multibillion dollar company.

…And why undifferentiated goods (like oil) are bought and sold on big commodity exchanges for the lowest price possible.

  • Focus on your Unique Advantage Point and use the position strategies to create your advantage, making your competition irrelevant… Apple is the champion of Unique Advantage Point. While Technology has become a commodity look at phones, computers, tablets, etc. all have similar features. Apple don’t compete on price, and its retail stores earn more sales per square foot in the US than any other retailer…
  • To survive and thrive in business, your customers must want to do business with you because they see the value you bring to the table. You don’t want the only reason to come down to price.
  • PRICES AND VALUE PERCEPTION COME HAND-IN-HAND“Antonio Rangel, an associate professor of economics at Caltech, and his colleagues found that changes in the stated price of a sampled wine influenced not only how good volunteers thought it tasted, but the activity of a brain region that is involved in our experience of pleasure. In other words, ‘prices, by themselves, affect activity in an area of the brain that is thought to encode the experienced pleasantness of an experience,’ 

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9 Tips For Creating Better Vertical For Social Media 

Done right, optimised mobile forms can deliver more than an increased conversion rate: They can become a competitive advantage—a reason users choose to fill out a form on your site.

It used to be that posting vertical video online was seen as shameful and unprofessional — the sign of a true amateur. Today, it’s how the majority of content on many social media channels is not only consumed but also produced.

  • You need to know your Aspect Ratios… Vertical video refers to anything taller than a 1:1 aspect ratio. 4:5, 2:3, and fully vertical (FV) 1:1.77 (also known as 9:16), are all taller than they are wide, which works better for social media or for being viewed vertically on mobile devices and tablets
  • Split the Screen.., get creative use up the space stack multiple horizontal clips on top of each other…
  • Of course, you need to catch their attention early… Try using The rule of thirds is a photography rule that says not to place the main subject directly in the centre of the frame…

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20 Compelling Examples Of Persuasive Copy In Online Advertising 

20 Compelling Examples of Persuasive Copy in Online Advertising Hungry Jacks

Check out these click-worthy examples of persuasive copy for online ads. Discover why they work and how to test for persuasive ad copy.

The world of digital marketing makes it super easy for you to reach your target audience. But you have to whip up a mighty persuasive online ad if you want your prospects to click on yours.

In this post, we’ll review the definition of persuasive copy, how to make sure it works, and show you compelling examples of persuasive copy in online advertising.

he identified three types of persuasion appeals that are as valid today as they were back then.

  1. the appeal to reason, logic or logos
  2. the appeal to emotion or pathos
  3. and the appeal to one’s character, credibility or ethos
  • We all want our online ads to influence our audience so they’re inclined to click, to call or click to buy from our website. But, what makes copy this convincing? Sometimes, actual examples of persuasive copy can guide us in crafting our own click-worthy online ads… There are 20 you can study from…
  • I Liked how Hungry Jack Lowers the guilt with a logical argument. Less fat and less calories than your biggest competitor: McDonald’s french fries. How is that for an attention-getting example of persuasive copy?…

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Online Shoppers’ Expectations For Visual Merchandising Rise Dramatically 

Online Shoppers’ Expectations for Visual Merchandising Rise Dramatically

Shoppers have high expectations for retailers’ image and video content on an online product page, and a lack thereof is a consumer deal breaker.

When consumers research products prior to purchase, roughly one-third will look to a brand’s website or an online marketplace, according to a December 2018 survey from Adobe. And these shoppers expect a robust array of content.

According to a January 2019 survey from product experience management platform Salsify, US digital shoppers expect an average of about six images and three videos when looking at a product on Amazon or another retailer.

  • Those in the 18-to-24 and 35-to-44 age groups had the highest expectations for content—They are visual expecting 8 images and at least 4 videos…
  • Andrew Lipsman, eMarketer principal analyst. “Shoppers once resisted buying products like apparel online because they couldn’t touch, feel and try on the products, and while they are much more receptive to this dynamic, the risk of returns still looms large. Additional product imagery and video content helps shoppers get a better sense of the product and reduce their perceived risk, so they can feel more confident in their purchase.”…
  • Buyers feel more confident in their purchase when they see more product imagery and video content helping shoppers get a better sense of the product and reduce their perceived risk, …

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