Friday 5 Marketing Observations – Google Discovery Ads

From left to right: YouTube, Google Discover, and Gmail.

I’ve been battling the flu this week, but Grammarly still managed to check 50,008 words I wrote this week for clients.

We’ve been getting good results with our Remarking Campaigns for a couple of clients.

Enjoy the read learn heaps & try to apply some of these to your business growth.

Discovery Ads: Breaking Down Google’s Newest Campaign Type

The Google Discover Feed

If you missed the Ads Innovation Keynote at Google Marketing Live, you missed a lot. In this year’s keynote, Google announced several new product features that will allow businesses to be even more effective with their Google Ads.

Since many of these announcements were quite big, we’re covering several of them separately, and in this article, we’re going to talk about one of the most exciting: discovery ads.

  • Discovery Ads were the first thing Google announced during the Ads Innovation Keynote. So I think that show how Google rates th their potential (both for advertisers and Google)…
  • If you want to watch full presentation at Ads Innovation Keynote at Google Marketing Live 2019… Ads Innovation Keynote with post show featuring product deep dives, Q&A and more
  • Discovery ads will actually be getting their own campaign type in Google Ads, which tells you a bit about how important Google thinks these ads will be…

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How To Unlock Marketing-Led Growth: Data, Creativity and Credibility 

How to unlock marketing-led growth: Data, creativity, and credibility

Marketing has been on the front lines of the digital revolution, but the landscape has become much more complicated, requiring a focus on growth, data, and new modes of creativity.

In this episode of the McKinsey Podcast, Simon London speaks with McKinsey senior expert Biljana Cvetanovski and partner Jason Heller about the next chapter of marketing, which is focused on digital—across many touchpoints—and the role of the chief marketing officer (CMO) as the architect of a company’s growth engine.

  • You can either listen to this Mckensy Podcast or read the transcript…
  • “The analytical horsepower required to mine through that data and create actionable insights to unlock new opportunities: it’s within reach for everybody. That used to be the heavy lift. It used to be a really bold aspiration to think that you could have such a rich, data-driven marketing practice. Now that’s even available to the small- and midsize marketers.” Jason Heller
  • Agile marketing is one of the most effective ways of modernizing traditional marketers who have operated in slow, waterfall processes for their careers… Marketers were some of the first parts of the organization beyond technology to get interested in agile working styles and methodologies

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Mary Meeker: Social Media Usage is Flast Globally, Mobile Ad Spend Continues To Climb

Mary Meeker: Social media usage is flat globally, mobile ad spend continues to climb

Daily social media usage increased by just 1% year-over-year, according to the annual report.

That was one of the key findings from this year’s Internet Trends 2019 report by venture capitalist Mary Meeker.

Mary Meeker has released her annual internet report, giving marketers a glimpse of where we are globally in terms of social media use and online ad spend, among other trends. While overall internet usage keeps growing, social media usage is flattening — but that’s not slowing down online ad spend.

  • The “Queen of the internet” made references to Slack, Stripe, Spotify, Dropbox, Discord, Twitch, Zoom, Stitch Fix, Instagram and Bond portfolio company Canva as she reviewed her slides.”…
  • “If it feels like we’re all drinking from a data firehose, it’s because we are,” Meeker told the audience…
  • Internet ad spend continues to grow. At 22%, growth is strong, but what is most clear is how quickly mobile advertising has skyrocketed in the past five years compared to desktop ad spend. You can view Mary Meeker the full internet trends report archive here

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How To Ask For Help When You Need It 

How to Ask for Help When You Need It

I am not sure how it began, but there is a definite belief among many people that asking for help is a sign of weakness. In my work as a leadership coach, I see it again and again in all kinds of organizations, companies and teams: very smart people need help but don’t ask for it, and their refusal ends up keeping them from being as productive and effective as they could be otherwise.

If you’re reluctant to let anyone know you need assistance—whether it’s because of pride, fear of being judged or just not wanting to draw attention to yourself—it’s time to get over it. Here are some things to keep in mind when you’re learning to ask for help:

  • People are more inclined to help those who have tried to help themselves first… So when you encounter a roadblock, try getting around it by yourself before reaching out…
  • You need to tell them exactly what kind of help you need, and why, to make sure the assistance you get is what you actually need…
  • Most people enjoy helping… If you’re scared to approach someone to ask for help, remember that most people love to help others…

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7 Examples Of Low Volume Keywords That Generate a Ton OF Traffic

7 Examples of Low Volume Keywords That Generate a Ton of Traffic -3M

In the recent post Keyword Research as We Know It Is Dead, I discussed how pages targeting long-tail keywords with low volume can get surprisingly large amounts of search traffic. We’re back to look at some more examples of how this happens.

The examples in this post come from a wide variety of industries including enterprise software, insurance, banking, and financial services. 

  • Here’s the list of Case Studies…
  • Inside Angle 3M Health Information Systems, a blog which has consistently ranked high among its peer health IT blogs… This post gets 2000 search a months & ranks 297 keyword phrase…  Just over 5% of search engine traffic comes from the search term “abdominal pain icd 10” the other 296 keywords account for 95% of monthly traffic.
  • This gives a good breakdown, with Keywords and Traffic, Organnic Traffic Source & Qualitative Content Analysis…

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