Do you keep word? I promise I will – Customer Service

Do you keep word? I promise I will - Customer Service

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Let me share with you 2 Customer Service experiences I had over the last 2 weeks.

I had products I bought a while ago, but for some reason, they stopped working.

I’ve been using Market Samurai for years

Market Samurai keyword Tool

Market Samurai was my go-to Keyword Tool. Whenever I was starting a new project, I would fire up Market Samurai to get an extensive list of Keywords.

Over the last couple of years, Google started making changes to Keyword Algorithm, So I just stopped using.

I got an email from Nobel Samaura of the new features in Market Samarui.

So I Though I should give it another go.

I was one of the Orginal Beta users for Market Samurai, So I purchased Lifetime of Updates.

So when I tried to Update to the latest Version Of Market Samurai, I could not get it to work on my Mac.

So I was a bit disappointed I could test out these new features.

I have a new project I researching & remembered the new features in Market Samurai & how this would save me some time & give more in depth insights.

Since I was looking at getting their latest product, I thought I give support go, So I submitted a Support Ticket.

Wow I bought Market Samurai in 2009

Wow I bought Market Samurai in 2009

I even managed to find a copy email of my original purchase. I couldn’t believe I bought this in 2009. So I wasn’t really expecting them to offer a solution for the latest Version.

After about 3 hours, I got an email telling me how to install the old Version & add Adobe Air.

So with a bit of mucking around, I got had the latest Version of Market Samurai.

How many companies do think would Honour their original Purchase conditions 10 Years later. Not Many, I suggest.

So I was blown away, & I had no problems buying their other products because I knew they stand by their products.

Check out Market Samurai & their other products

But let’s not stop here, the next week my favourite Software died on me.

I use Snagit every day to screen capture & document.

Snagit My Image editing tool

I was in the middle of doing something When it crashed.

I was trying my Mac off, had a quick look at their help forum, but I could find a solution to get this worked.

I had the Snagit 2018 version so it’s not the latest Version.

I hadn’t updated it yet.

Frustrated as without Snagit, I was slowing down my process of creating content.

I played around with other option, but these all sucked.

So next stop put a support ticket in at TechSmith.

I want to say when they responded & it magically fixed it. But for some reason when it crashed it corrected a series of hidden files.

They sent me an email with a list of Instructions to follow to see if they would fix the problem.

2 emails down so no solution, so then I had to send error logos from my computers. Not a simple process to access & send.

This was an exercise in patience, it took 7 emails back & forward to they finally found a solution.

So they sent me a long email with a list of steps to follow & specially configured download link with serial Key built into The link.

Yeaha Snagit working perfectly.

Checkout Snagit from Techsmith.

They could go away as I head least years version, But I guess they may have looked at my record realise I’ve updated this so 6 times so far.

So it would not be a big stretch to realise I would be updating to the latest Version shortly.

With these  2 experience, I realise how important it is to honour your promises.

Most companies don’t bother because they treat every customer just like a transaction.

CLV Customer Lifetime Value of a client

Customer Lifetime Value Concept (CLV)

These companies valued my business & I would say They understand the Customer Lifetime Value of a client.

If you want to build a long-term sustainable business, then you’ve got to rely on repeat customers. As per the Harvard Business Review, a 5% increase in Customers Retention will help you raise your overall profits by 25%.

You can’t expect a visitor to come back to your website after having a bad first visit, Right?

CLV your Projected revenue that your customer will generate during their lifetime… or

Each of these new customers you bring in will immediately represent much more to your bottom line profits, than you’ve ever thought possible.

So is Customer service just bunch of Words? Or are you really want to serve your customers… Or…

But do your Actions really support your Words?

Is your Idea of Customers Service is sending them into a maze of Overseas Call Centres.

Hoping they will give up before they reach someone who has the power to make a decision, then Serving your own corporate needs rather than the customers needs.

You can either make people jump through hoops, or you can just fix it & help the customer.

One of the compelling reasons for buying a product is their warranty or Guarantees.

Many businesses offer a variety of Guarantees or product promise.

By law in Australia, if you sell a product, we are bound by the Australian Consumer Law

The Australian Consumer Law sets out consumer rights that are called consumer guarantees. These include your rights to a repair, replacement or refund as well as compensation for damages and loss and being able to cancel a faulty service…

Under the Australian Consumer Law, when you buy products and services, they come with automatic guarantees that they will work and do what you asked for. If you purchase something that isn’t right, you have consumer rights

Make sure you keep you’re & deliver on your product promise.

Market Samurai & Snagit were both favourites of mine. After dealing with their Customer Service Teams, I’m now an Advocate for their business.

Feedback-techsmith customer Survey

I have even spent more money with each of thee companies  Upgrading Buying their other services.

Sure some of you would be saying it was a gamble to fix these as there was no guarantee I would keep buying their products.

They stand by their products, so they go that extra mile when things go wrong.

So you can either Stand & deliver or Take the money & run.

How do you want to be remembered by your customers?

Do you keep word? I promise I will – Customer Service